Acupressure Points for Toothaches

A bad toothache can ruin your whole day and you won't able to sleep at night. Acupressure is a medicine that helps you by applying pressure to a certain point of your body. After applying pressure the body starts alleviating the tension and lowers your pain. You can also get this therapy by self message or getting help from a professional.

Most of the people asked about how do I do acupressure.You can get this treatment at home or any therapy facility. If you want to do it at your home Get a comfortable position. Breathe deeply and try to relax your muscles and limbs. After that massage or rub each point with the use of firm pressure. Repeat this as often as you like.

If intense pain occurs you should stop this process immediately. There are five pressure points for your toothache such as the small intestine pressure point that is used for alleviating the toothaches, swollen gums and tooth decay. It would be outside of your eyes and nose that is also known as the cheekbone hole. The gall bladder point is also located at the top of your shoulder.

It would be on the middle side of your shoulder and the side of your neck. After getting a massage on this point you would be able to get rid of facial pain, neck pain, and headaches. Large intestine - This point is used to get relief from headache, stress and other types of neck pain. It is located in your thumb and index finger and you can easily get this point by resting your thumb beside the second knuckle of your index finger. This therapy can't is used for permanent relief, you should consult a Dermatologist If your pain is unbearable. if you are having to swell in your face and bleeding from your mouth.